Vukan @ Oriollo

Oriollo is a true labour of love by Vukan Karadzic and his artisan drumsmiths fabricating outstanding metal drums by the River Danube in Serbia. 

At 55DC we think Oriollo are producing the finest metal shells, hoops, hardware and finishes in the world.  The proof is in the pudding with an exciting roster of fans from Zappa drummer Sinclair Lott through punk, rock, pop, and orchestral to jazz and progressive artists.  

We asked Vukan how he got into building drums...

''We started as a drum shell manufacturer, supplying seamless metal drum shells to many big and small drum manufacturers. In spring 2015 we introduced our first snare drum - the Phantom. In December 2016 we launched world's first seamless spun aluminum drum kits. Unlike a typical custom drum company, we're designing and producing most of components in-house. Starting from the shells, to lugs, throw off, badges, snare wires, hoops... So, from the very start we chose to innovate, not replicate.''

 And innovate they did

Producing only seamless metal shells, Vukan and the team use a variety of materials, with spun aluminium and manganese steel, copper and bronze classics to cast bell bronze monsters, there's a sound for everyone.  And those finishes, whether classic or custom are amongst the most exciting we have seen, quite simply anywhere.

Fantastic live or for recording in the studio with large tuning ranges whether low and slow or high and dry.  A company constantly on the cutting edge of design, they have produced a number of world firsts, from the first seamless spun aluminium full drum kit, the worlds first cast stainless steel lugs, proprietary hoops with their own take on triple flanged traditional offerings, the Oriflange, and the innovative Oricast hoops will tune to the moon. 

Give us a shout over at 55DC to discuss commissioning your very own custom Oriollo snare drum or full kit, or have a look and see what gems we have on the shelves from this wonderful builder.


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