Jordan @ Old Barrel Drums

Brilliant Barnsley's finest, Old Barrel drums are producing some of the most interesting wooden stave snare drums on the market.  We caught up with the main man Szabo and got to know him and his drums a little better...
55DC: Hello mate, whats your name, and where do you come from?
OB: Jordan Szabo (call me Szabo)
Barnsley, South Yorkshire
55DC: Whats your 'thing'? 
OB: Primarily Oak and Antique (80+y/o) pine snare drums.
55DC: How did you get into drums, and then into working with them?
OB: Been playing for around 15 years and it was mainly thanks to my uncle helping to bringing me listening to Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Motorhead that got me into drums, I wanted to emulate the great drummers such as Nico McBrain and feel the power and passion they put into their music. As for working with drums I have always been into woodworking and engineering. I started Old Barrel Drums in 2011 and gave it a go for a few years until adulthood kicked in and I had more bills to pay, so, went on a hiatus and started truck driving... now my life is in a position where I have the space and time to put my all into it.
55DC: Do you play much yourself? What styles/musicians have inspired you, and does that influence the way you work?.
OB: Play at least 8 hours a week (work 4 on 4 off 6am to 6pm) plus with a 5 year old I struggle to play as much as I would like to. But that's family and I wouldn't change it for the world, so when I do get chance to play I make the most of it. As for my musical style it's definitely a classic/hard rock kinda vibe although I am very open to music so do listen to a range of styles that all play part to my inspiration.
55DC: What do you love most about drums?
OB: Freedom and Expression. It's a great outlet and coping mechanism for me. I'd be lost without drums.
55DC: Are there any exciting local players, or custom and small producers of drum gear, be it drums, sticks, accessories, resources that we should be looking forward to seeing more of in the future?
OB: Have a look at awesome local band Killers and Kings, a brilliant local drummer Jonni Sowter and my personal favourite stick manufacturer Los Cabos. There are also some great lesser known cymbal brands such as Centent and Amedia.
55DC: Whats going on in Jordan's world?
OB: So... First off a little bit about me, I'm a metalhead, love tattoos, love cars and F1 and best of all I'm a hard working Yorkshireman. I have an amazing wife and music obsessed 5 year old son. Although drumming and building drums is of of my passions and the dream is to do that full time eventually, I am actually a HGV driver in my day to day life. Don't get me wrong I love my job and what I do but it isn't the dream. Now, to the drums!
55DC: Yes please, tell us about those lovely drums!
Starting off quite a few years ago building quality Snare drums, Old Barrel Drums - named after an old oak wine brewing barrel my grandad left to me, was unfortunately put onto  hiatus due to personal, family and work reasons, but the dream never died.
2020 soon came around and I now feel the time is right to kick start Old Barrel Drums and bring the dream back to life.
Over 15 years of drumming experience as founder and director I know what needs to be done to create a visually striking and brilliant sounding snare drum that can be played and tuned for a variety of musical styles!
With versatility, perseverance and good old Yorkshire spirit I am back to stay and bringing drum manufacturing back to Barnsley.
The drums I make are not mass produced, each one is carefully crafted by hand using locally sourced wood to ensure that I am supporting small, local businesses.
At Old Barrel Drums I choose to offer a limited number of finishes and wood species because the aim is to keep costs as low as possible for customers. The idea is to make custom built exclusive drums  more accessible without breaking the bank. The wood species I primarily work with (Oak and Antique Pine) are known to have outstanding characteristics and make for a great sound, no corners have been cut when designing these drums so quality is assured!
Thank you, Jordan Szabo owner of Old Barrel Drums.

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