Alan @ Tee Drums

Master of exotic and 'regular' ply shells and stunning traditional and modern inlays, finishes and wraps.

Alan has been building shells since 1999 after working as a drummer for a record company, having never been happy with his snare sound (having tried lots), he then found a birch premier snare which worked for him, but as with many of us, he just had to set out to develop my his own sound.
Alan, how did you get into building drums and find your style?
Trained in design engineering I designed my first former to build a snare shell (vertical birch) made the drum up and loved it. I then worked on the old favourites of maple and mahogany but also started blending woods, lots of wasted woods and money, but was all worth it, when somebody describes what sound they want from a drum, experience can point them in the right direction. 

Tee drums have been supplying custom builders for over 20 years (I am just about to have an 11 inch shell in the pipeline which he has miraculously agreed to) and his techniques combined with stunning exotic wooden finishes and wraps make him one of the UK's favourite custom builders. 

Get in touch with us at to commission your own ply shell, snare or full drum kit!

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