Go Greenr with 55DC! Want to Offset your Purchase's Carbon Footprint at Checkout?

55DC and Greenr,

Sitting in a tree,


First comes bees, then comes seeds, 

Sweet sounding drums, and a lot more trees.


Sadly, we're crap at writing songs (including when we re-pen the old classics), and prefer to sit at the back of the stage, however we are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Greenr to help offset any nasty carbon emissions when you buy from us, making your drum or accessory purchase as green as possible, even if it does come with a purple lacquer sparkle finish.  Just select the option at checkout to add a measly 80p to your order and help us do our bit, offset your purchase and gain a shedload of karma points.

We have always thought enough trees have been cut down in the world to make drums for years to come, and aim to reclaim and relove as much as possible from the drumming community with our 'Reclaimed by 55DC' collection.  With the Greenr offsetting scheme, your contribution will go to reforestation, bore hole and fuel efficient stove technology in developing countries.  See the below link for full project details, in the coming months, we will have an option on exactly which project we want to support directly, let us know which is close to your heart and we'll back the community's favourite.

This is an optional service available with purchases, with a lot more info available here https://www.gogreenr.co/ . 

Get involved, if you can't hug a human, hug a tree, it works.

Lots of Love, 

55DC and its new crush. xxx




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